Monsoon is a lot of fun for kids but for parents - it’s time to be extra careful. As much fun as monsoon is, certain fun activities of your young ones need to be limited because of the rain and the diseases it may bring. To ensure your child is still having fun and is healthy, try these Dos and Don’ts for this monsoon!

(A) Dos
1. Maintain personal hygiene
Make sure that your kid washes his/her hands often. Specifically after coming home from outside and before eating. To maintain the same hygiene outside home, make sure your kid carries a ‘Hand sanitizer’ and uses it during lunch time in school.

2. Use an Umbrella
Let your kid carry an umbrella at all times. Sometimes it may seem like it won’t rain and your child won’t want to carry an umbrella, but then it does rain and your kid is left drenched. And the next thing you know is that your kid has cold. Umbrellas always come in handy. Raincoats are an alternative to umbrellas and will do just fine.

3. Wear proper footwear
Let your child wear open footwear like Crocs. Such footwear ensure that water does not stay
inside of the shoe and make your feet wet and sticky. If a wet shoe is worn for too long it may lead to a further infection.

4. Wash fruits and vegetables
Teach your kid to always wash fruits and vegetables that they intend on eating. Use potable water (water that is safe for drinking) to wash such food items. It ensures that the food item is considerably safe to consume.

5. Avoid certain food items
Avoid including oily and spicy food in your diet during monsoon. Also, consumption of foods like
meat, fish and chicken should be avoided as far as possible. Let your child eat more of cooked
vegetables, fruits and thin soups.

(B) Don’ts
1. Avoid eating outside
Kids often insist on eating outside food. Make sure they don’t, as much as possible. Eating at roadside stalls can be extra unhealthy during monsoon. One never knows if the owner of such stall was careful enough to use safe water and clean fruits and vegetables.

2. Avoid ACs
Avoid entering a room that has an AC if your child is already drenched. This may only be an
invitation to unwanted infections such as cold and fever.

3. Beware of mosquitoes
Monsoons mean breeding period for mosquitoes. To avoid getting bitten by a mosquito, make
sure that there isn’t stagnant water in and around your neighbourhood and don’t forget to use mosquito repellants.

EMPROS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL hopes you and your child follow the given Do’s and Don’ts this monsoon and enjoy a carefree, happy monsoon!

We always speak of India as a diverse country. In fact, while reciting The Pledge, we say that we are proud of India’s rich and varied heritage. Well, we at Empros International School, Talegaon branch tried to incorporate the importance of embracing different cultures amongst our students. On July 1st, we celebrated Eid by organizing an Eid special assembly. The main objective of this assembly was to make children more familiar with the festival.

A lot of excitement surrounded this activity and celebration. Muslims around the world celebrated Eid this year on 26th of June. It begins when the Muslims first sight the new moon, so most of the time they have to wait until the night before Eid to verify its date. This starting day varies every year and from country to country depending on its geographical location.

Students at Empros celebrated this festival with a lot of enthusiasm. The children joined the assembly wherein they participated in an act. In addition to that, the students gave information about the festival - explaining its importance and significance to other curious kids. The students who participated, took a lot of efforts and hard work to make the activity a success. Apart from giving information, they made posters which had informative Eid drawings on them. And as if to add a cherry on top, the students were dressed in traditional Eid outfits - girls wore salwaar kameez with hijabs while boys wore cotton kurta paired with a taqiyah. You could see how well prepared the students were!

It was a beautiful and informative celebration of one of the greatest festival of the Muslim Community. Our students had fun and definitely learned a lot of new things. We at Empros are endlessly working to expose our students to different cultures and environment, so they grow as a person, too. This year’s Eid celebration was definitely a success and we look forward to making this an annual thing!

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There exist tons of quotes about ‘failure’ and ‘success’ and they exist for a reason. If it weren't for the truth in them, they would have ceased to exist. There is no such person who hasn’t faced failure at some point in their life. Everyone fails! This is what it takes to become someone.

We know about a lot of successful people like Steve Jobs (who dropped out of college) or Bill Gates (who dropped out of Harvard to focus on Microsoft). These people have failed multiple times and have managed to turn it around. As a teenager, it sometimes feels like you are not good enough compared to your classmates or that you are learning at a slow pace but even this should be looked at positively. Because no matter how small the step is, it is still a step towards achieving your goals. Success only comes with hard and steady work.

Nowadays since the educational environment has become very competitive, children are forced to study all the time. As a result, sometimes they cannot pay attention to extra curricular activities and seem to face failure if it is not balanced right. This might result in failure, putting the ball in your court. This is the time when you as a parent and their first teacher, have to make them understand that failure is OKAY!
In fact, make them understand that: There is no other teacher better than failure.

According to Winston Churchill, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” Hence, Inspire them to try and achieve small goals by making a schedule and timeline accordingly. Even if they fail, help them get up and try again. Make it a habit and an endless cycle. Explain to them that failure isn’t something to fear or to avoid; but in fact, an opportunity to grow as an individual. At some point in their future, when they fail, this practice will help them become self dependent and self-confident!

As kids, we also had fallen several times while learning to ride a bicycle. We kept trying again and again no matter how many cuts and bruises it gave. This applies to everyday lives of children! The more they fail, the more resilient they become. So, all you have to do is to teach them to embrace their failures for every time they fail, they, in fact, reach one step closer to success.
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Summer vacations offer a great time for the kids and the parents to get away from the daily routine and enjoy some quality time. The activities like sightseeing, parks, vacations at grandparents etc., relax and refresh the mood of everyone in the family. This continues for a great amount of time, to which the kids adjust easily and happily, making the next phase tougher!
The phase where they do not wish to attend school after a long break filled with fun and enjoyment. Hence, Empros International School brings some tips and tricks to prepare them for school well in advance:

1. Bring gradual change: Start the normal school routine a couple of weeks before the school starts. Early to bed and early to rise is always a good option to begin with. This way, the change in schedule won’t be so drastic, making them adjust to the timings easily.

2. Start discussing school: Discuss about activities, sports, games and library in the school. Keep asking about their favorites among each and how they enjoy doing that particular activity. Ask them what new thing they would like to attempt at school and help them think independently.

3. Back to school gifts: The new books, book covers,stickers, pencil box, water bottle and school bag are every child’s favourite things! Taking them along for school shopping unconsciously prepares them for the soon-to-begin routine.

4. Remind them their friends: As school approaches, remind them how much fun they had with their school friends and how they would love to play with them again. This will help them connect with the friends emotionally as well as making them want to go to school again.

5. Avoid over pampering: Vacations call for a phase of over pampering with everything they demand for. This makes it tough for them to adjust to the school life; hence, keep a tab on the over-pampering part while providing a lot of love and care.

6. School is fun: Often parents tend to tell their children how their fun and shenanigans would come to a halt once the school begins. This actually creates a negative image in the minds of children. Please refrain from using these references and build the confidence of how school is always a fun place to go to.

Empros International school awaits eagerly for the school to reopen and rekindle the bond with its students.

It’s that part of the year every toddler eagerly awaits. Yep, It’s Summers; with longer days, shorter nights and all the more of worrying. Summers always call up for tonnes of fun, be it vacation breaks, trips to ‘Nana-Nani’s’ home or kids pursuing their hobby classes. We are pretty confident you are already being bombarded with questions like, ‘When do we leave? When are we visiting them?’ etc.

It’s just not these plans that require immense attention and care but the kids too. Summers can be harsh on the skin and their routine. Hence, it’s really important to protect them from bugs and injuries before they rush out of the doors. Today, we are sharing some summer ready plans that will make your work as a parent easier and your young ones’, more fun and frolic.

  1. Dress kids in protective clothing and hats. Clothing can be an excellent barrier of ultraviolet rays. Many light-weight sun-protective styles cover the neck, elbows and knees.
  2. For kids six months and older, sunscreens with an SPF of 15 or greater reduce the intensity of UVRs that cause sunburns. Reapply every two hours because proper application and reapplication are more important factors than the SPF..
  3. Dehydration can occur in extremely active kids. During exercise and staying outdoors give them lots of water and other cold drinks. Juicy fruits like watermelon, lemon and oranges will help the kid’s body to combat dehydration.
  4. Do not let them drink any cold beverage right after coming home from outside. The sudden fluctuation in body temperature might be hazardous.
  5. Make sure the child stays indoors or in the shade during the peak hours of the sun i.e. between 11am -4 pm. Try to plan outdoor activities such as skating, swimming etc. in the mornings and evenings.
  6. Kids must be kept away from stagnant water where mosquitoes thrive. If a child comes scratching from outside wash the area with soap and water 2-3 times. Then apply a cream or calamine lotion.
  7. Kid’s skin must be given proper vaccination against the bacteria and viruses that are generally known to spread during summers.
  8. Organize fun games and activities at home and make sure they enjoy in order to keep them away from going out in the sun.

These are tiny-tiny yet essential measures you can take to have a fret free summers!

Summers, the times when the scorching heat, the open grounds, the hot footwear and the sweat cease to matter to the tiny tots! These are the times when children get up earlier than when they had school and these are the times when there are no excuses about not wanting to step out! These vacation months “officially” belong to children when their demands of food items, desires of new toys and wishes of going to garden everyday are fulfilled!

But, summers have another side to it too! These are the months when children tend to lose touch with the studies, the activities and the creative exercises that they used to perform in school. Hence, Empros International School brings you a list of activities and exercises you can carry out at home or otherwise in order to keep their creative brains churning. These are some fun and interesting things that kids would love to engage in and also would be spending some indoor time, saving them from the monstrous heat.

  • Board Games: Ludo, Snake and ladder, Scrabble, Monopoly, etc. are great way to reconnect with your kids, spend quality time and at the same time make them think in a different way.
  • Creative Classes: Exercises such as drawing, dancing, singing, making greeting cards, murals, bookmarks etc are interesting as well as thought provoking. It helps them maintain their creative side alive!
  • Physical activities: Rather than only playing or watching TV, make them join classes for swimming, martial arts, taekwondo, skating etc. for which they do not have dedicated time during schools.
  • Summer Camp: This is a one stop solution to all the needs. Summer camp is a great place to make new friends, explore nature, enjoy all the activities and learn to be independent.

There are many other activities suitable for kids depending on their likings and inclinations. We hope this makes your and your children’s summers exciting and enjoyable.
Happy Summers to all!

*Empros International School reopens for the Academic Year 2017-18 from 17th June 2017.*