Young children and Technology

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 "Technology is just a tool in terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important."
- As said by Bill Gates

Technology is a very powerful tool which are provided to kids in very tender age where they should be learning to use their creative mind for the solutions . There are some creative ways by which you can help kids to rule the world with the help of technology right from the childhood. Researches have shown kids tends to adapt every small and creative changes around them. This change can be brought by simply changing your daily schedule a little bit.
Show kids the fun applications of the Education and install it on I-pad. There are several good applications which can actually make kids more attracted towards writing and singing the rhyme right even when they are home. There are applications which make kids learn tracing the alphabets in right format and pronounce them correctly. They can explore the world of color and try there creative mind drawing and coloring.
 As teacher plays an important role in development of child as impact of teacher has been always more on child's psychology. To make kids understand the rightful use of this powerful tool can be done by a wise teacher and in a good environment. Making them show the fun learning will make them more interested in it rather then playing some aggressive games.

Empros International School adapts this policy with the children studying here. They get a lot of exposure to the technology to use their creative minds for solution.

A parent play a very important role in the development of child and we are always here to help you . " Children are world treasure " and this treasure should shine out in the world to tomorrow .


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