How ‘failure’ can be a good teacher..

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There exist tons of quotes about ‘failure’ and ‘success’ and they exist for a reason. If it weren't for the truth in them, they would have ceased to exist. There is no such person who hasn’t faced failure at some point in their life. Everyone fails! This is what it takes to become someone.

We know about a lot of successful people like Steve Jobs (who dropped out of college) or Bill Gates (who dropped out of Harvard to focus on Microsoft). These people have failed multiple times and have managed to turn it around. As a teenager, it sometimes feels like you are not good enough compared to your classmates or that you are learning at a slow pace but even this should be looked at positively. Because no matter how small the step is, it is still a step towards achieving your goals. Success only comes with hard and steady work.

Nowadays since the educational environment has become very competitive, children are forced to study all the time. As a result, sometimes they cannot pay attention to extra curricular activities and seem to face failure if it is not balanced right. This might result in failure, putting the ball in your court. This is the time when you as a parent and their first teacher, have to make them understand that failure is OKAY!
In fact, make them understand that: There is no other teacher better than failure.

According to Winston Churchill, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” Hence, Inspire them to try and achieve small goals by making a schedule and timeline accordingly. Even if they fail, help them get up and try again. Make it a habit and an endless cycle. Explain to them that failure isn’t something to fear or to avoid; but in fact, an opportunity to grow as an individual. At some point in their future, when they fail, this practice will help them become self dependent and self-confident!

As kids, we also had fallen several times while learning to ride a bicycle. We kept trying again and again no matter how many cuts and bruises it gave. This applies to everyday lives of children! The more they fail, the more resilient they become. So, all you have to do is to teach them to embrace their failures for every time they fail, they, in fact, reach one step closer to success.


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