We Celebrated Eid!

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We always speak of India as a diverse country. In fact, while reciting The Pledge, we say that we are proud of India’s rich and varied heritage. Well, we at Empros International School, Talegaon branch tried to incorporate the importance of embracing different cultures amongst our students. On July 1st, we celebrated Eid by organizing an Eid special assembly. The main objective of this assembly was to make children more familiar with the festival.

A lot of excitement surrounded this activity and celebration. Muslims around the world celebrated Eid this year on 26th of June. It begins when the Muslims first sight the new moon, so most of the time they have to wait until the night before Eid to verify its date. This starting day varies every year and from country to country depending on its geographical location.

Students at Empros celebrated this festival with a lot of enthusiasm. The children joined the assembly wherein they participated in an act. In addition to that, the students gave information about the festival - explaining its importance and significance to other curious kids. The students who participated, took a lot of efforts and hard work to make the activity a success. Apart from giving information, they made posters which had informative Eid drawings on them. And as if to add a cherry on top, the students were dressed in traditional Eid outfits - girls wore salwaar kameez with hijabs while boys wore cotton kurta paired with a taqiyah. You could see how well prepared the students were!

It was a beautiful and informative celebration of one of the greatest festival of the Muslim Community. Our students had fun and definitely learned a lot of new things. We at Empros are endlessly working to expose our students to different cultures and environment, so they grow as a person, too. This year’s Eid celebration was definitely a success and we look forward to making this an annual thing!


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