The Perfect Choice

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Unlike the earlier conventional teaching methods, which involved knowledge being imparted only from teachers to their students, learning in today's time has taken a giant leap. It uses various mechanisms ranging from outdoor tours, to integrated learning websites, to learning from our peers.The primary goal of any school aiming for excellence is to enhance and strive for overall development of all students in both academics and co-curriculars. Which is why, teachers in such schools play the role of facilitators or fellows rather than strict instructors with whom students harmonize proactively.

This is exactly what Empros International School believes in, they know & understand the needs of the students and desires of their parents. They focus heavily on providing an interactive experience to students making learning both innovative & fun at the same time. The course structure is designed such that it includes the interaction of each student with:
  1. The other students
  2. The class teacher and
  3. The digital platform

The results so obtained  by using this interactive learning mechanism are commendable, the shift from initial manner of teaching i.e. from teacher to student, to the current one was necessitated by the increasing potential in the students. The current teaching methodology used by Empros International School inculcates leadership skills in their students, teaching them to have regular conversations both formal and informal with their peers. It instils the knack of listening and interaction between them and the digital platform they work with, equips them for their tech savvy future.The school uses TaTa ClassEdge to create a dynamic classroom environment for students and an exciting learning experience.

They say one learns a great deal from the kind of environment they grow up in & to create such an atmosphere in the school they focus immensely apart from assessment; on teaching students the importance of:
  • Health and safety-so that they are capable of  helping  themselves in the hour of need,
  • Communication skills-to converse in more than one language when required &
  • Excursions-to make them realise that it is important to explore beyond the classroom walls.

So if you are the kind of parent that accepts nothing but the best for her children and makes no compromises when it comes to their education, then look no more, Empros International School is the perfect choice.


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