Make Summers Interesting

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Summers, the times when the scorching heat, the open grounds, the hot footwear and the sweat cease to matter to the tiny tots! These are the times when children get up earlier than when they had school and these are the times when there are no excuses about not wanting to step out! These vacation months “officially” belong to children when their demands of food items, desires of new toys and wishes of going to garden everyday are fulfilled!

But, summers have another side to it too! These are the months when children tend to lose touch with the studies, the activities and the creative exercises that they used to perform in school. Hence, Empros International School brings you a list of activities and exercises you can carry out at home or otherwise in order to keep their creative brains churning. These are some fun and interesting things that kids would love to engage in and also would be spending some indoor time, saving them from the monstrous heat.

  • Board Games: Ludo, Snake and ladder, Scrabble, Monopoly, etc. are great way to reconnect with your kids, spend quality time and at the same time make them think in a different way.
  • Creative Classes: Exercises such as drawing, dancing, singing, making greeting cards, murals, bookmarks etc are interesting as well as thought provoking. It helps them maintain their creative side alive!
  • Physical activities: Rather than only playing or watching TV, make them join classes for swimming, martial arts, taekwondo, skating etc. for which they do not have dedicated time during schools.
  • Summer Camp: This is a one stop solution to all the needs. Summer camp is a great place to make new friends, explore nature, enjoy all the activities and learn to be independent.

There are many other activities suitable for kids depending on their likings and inclinations. We hope this makes your and your children’s summers exciting and enjoyable.
Happy Summers to all!

*Empros International School reopens for the Academic Year 2017-18 from 17th June 2017.*


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