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Guru Purnima Celebrations at EMPROS CBSE School, Pune

·      What is Guru Purnima?
Guru Purnima, according to Hindu calendar, is a festival dedicated to all the teachers and influencers of one’s life. The word Guru is derived from two Sanskrit words; gu which means ignorance and ru which means remover. So, Guru is someone who removes the darkness of ignorance from your life and enlightens it for a better tomorrow.
For everyone, the parents are their first Gurus. Kids learn everything from their parents and follow their steps everywhere. Parents who decide who the next Guru in their child’s life would tentatively be. There is no relationship as divine and pure as a relationship between a mother and a kid. Teacher-student relationship is more or less the same! The teachers first have to become friends with the tots, bring them under their wings and teach them to fly high in the future.
The purpose of education in childhood is not to confine learning but to let them bloom in their own space. A teacher identifies the potential in the kids from a young age, which parents usually can’t, and motivate them to prosper in the respective field. One popular example which everybody can relate to is from the movie Taare Zameen Par where the talent of the kid was noticed by his art teacher. This is a very common practice but generally goes unnoticed.
Guru Purnima is a day which not only celebrates this teacher-student relationship but also strengthens it. It’s a day to spread positivity and establish a bond which will last with the kids for lifetime. In fact, nowadays, along with food, clothes and shelter, Education has also become one of the essential things.

“The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs you, pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth”  – Dan Rather

Empros is exactly the place where kids witness and live this dream every day. This is the place where the intellectual development of kids will happen and we make sure they are progressing on the right path of education. The atmosphere here is equally vibrant and positive illuminating their path to glory, at the same time keeping them grounded!


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