6 ways to make them school ready post summer vacations

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Summer vacations offer a great time for the kids and the parents to get away from the daily routine and enjoy some quality time. The activities like sightseeing, parks, vacations at grandparents etc., relax and refresh the mood of everyone in the family. This continues for a great amount of time, to which the kids adjust easily and happily, making the next phase tougher!
The phase where they do not wish to attend school after a long break filled with fun and enjoyment. Hence, Empros International School brings some tips and tricks to prepare them for school well in advance:

1. Bring gradual change: Start the normal school routine a couple of weeks before the school starts. Early to bed and early to rise is always a good option to begin with. This way, the change in schedule won’t be so drastic, making them adjust to the timings easily.

2. Start discussing school: Discuss about activities, sports, games and library in the school. Keep asking about their favorites among each and how they enjoy doing that particular activity. Ask them what new thing they would like to attempt at school and help them think independently.

3. Back to school gifts: The new books, book covers,stickers, pencil box, water bottle and school bag are every child’s favourite things! Taking them along for school shopping unconsciously prepares them for the soon-to-begin routine.

4. Remind them their friends: As school approaches, remind them how much fun they had with their school friends and how they would love to play with them again. This will help them connect with the friends emotionally as well as making them want to go to school again.

5. Avoid over pampering: Vacations call for a phase of over pampering with everything they demand for. This makes it tough for them to adjust to the school life; hence, keep a tab on the over-pampering part while providing a lot of love and care.

6. School is fun: Often parents tend to tell their children how their fun and shenanigans would come to a halt once the school begins. This actually creates a negative image in the minds of children. Please refrain from using these references and build the confidence of how school is always a fun place to go to.

Empros International school awaits eagerly for the school to reopen and rekindle the bond with its students.


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