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Teachers are the main driving force behind the growth and development of the kids! They determine how our future generations are going to be and take extreme efforts to make sure they achieve the best!
For this purpose, Empros International School in collaboration with Mobius Space Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is organizing a one day workshop for teachers, HR, IT training officials & coaching class tutors on ‘Design Thinking’. It is a popular new approach for innovation, being adopted by many top companies, start-ups, government think tanks, schools and NGOs around the world and in India.

What is Design thinking?
It is a practical method of learning to create solutions, resolve problems in a creative way and to have a solution based thinking for every obstacle in life!

What will you achieve?
  • Learn to identify opportunities of change with design driven innovation
  • Learn to think for a solution and not just stop at complaining about the problem
  • Learn to systematically generate new unconventional ideas
  • Learn about application of the process of design thinking in classroom innovation
  • The focus is on creating conditions, systems, structures and processes that support new ideas and actions through collective effort and building a culture of innovation.

Workshop includes:
  • Introduction to design thinking
  • Teams will work on a live challenge involving all teachers
  • Hands-on creative problem solving
  • Understanding the design thinking framework
  • Engaging case studies and discussions

To be a design thinker and a problem solver, do attend this workshop and achieve the unachieved!

Date:  20th August 2016
Venue:  Empros International School, Talegaon
Contact: 9011004835/9011004837
Registration Fee: Rs. 1200/- per participant

(Fee includes – handouts, lunch & refreshments & certificate)


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