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Doing away with the stage fright

Do you remember the times when performing on the stage use to be a big task? That fear of standing in front of a crowd and talking scared us more than anything else. That fear of public speaking or performance is known as Stage Fright. Do you know that it is reported as the biggest fear affecting a significant section of the population from toddlers to eminent artists?

But, today, we see kids performing really well on stage, owning the whole situation as if they practice it everyday! But, if you are one of those who is still struggling to make their child walk upto the stage and rock the performance, read ahead.

What you can do as a parent?
Here’s how you can help you tiny ones to help deal with it so that they are ready to take over the stage and the world.
  • Supply tons of encouragement and support to your tiny one.
  • Make them practice a lot at home!
  • Tell them how strong and confident they look while talking.
  • Work on their body posture.
  • Ask them to smile and talk more.
  • Build a positive attitude in them.

How Empros helps?
Empros understands the need of building confidence and self esteem in children from a very young age. To instill that boldness and persona in kids, the school takes maximum efforts in organizing various events, competitions and workshops for them. They help the kids to learn, understand and grasp more, making them trust in their abilities!

Upcoming events at Empros:
  • Spelling Bee
  • Science Day
  • Recitation and Elocution
  • Handwriting Competition
  • Maths Relay

At Empros, all these events, competitions and celebration of days help the children to gain confidence, be more outspoken and fearless to lead a positive life!

Admission Open 2017-18
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