School for Life

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Do you remember what you learnt in the 6th chapter of Science in class 8th? Or what topic your history teacher was teaching in the 4th lecture on a tiring Thursday in class 6th? We hope not, otherwise, we’ll consider ourselves pretty unattentive to all those times!
So, if these things are forgotten then for what do we miss our school days so much? The factors that come to our minds are:
  • Friends
  • No responsibilities
  • All play
But, is that it? Is that what school was all about? If given a thought, we still have all those things. For example:
  • We still have those set of friends in our lives
  • Deep down, we still try to shed away the responsibilities
  • We still indulge in days with “all play no work” and
  • We still spend amazing times today which, in the future, will become our “good old days”!
School wasn’t just a duty that our parents forced us to perform. Leaving couple of sad encounters aside, we chose to go to school ourselves. It wasn’t to meet friends, have fun and to study but, somewhere in that journey we started loving those things. It became a part of our own being, our nature and our existence!

Forgot to do the homework? Write it down 10 times!
How badly this anecdote has been used, misused and interpreted in our lives! So much so that suddenly this line creates an image of a teacher in front of our eyes! But, we don’t remember any of this cliched stuff, do we? We remember our teachers for their sincere dedication, their thoughts, their assistance and their continuous support that led us to the place we are in today!
They are the reason why we so fondly remember our school. All our talks, our shenanigans, our thoughts and our memories of school are converged towards a centre dominated by our TEACHERS.

School does not only teach “Pythagoras theorem” or “The fight of 1857” but also about how to enjoy life, the meaning of growing up and the essence of living!
It leaves us with a permanent mark on the head and heart about the “Good Old Times” we had, how fortunate we were to experience them and how Life is always going to be a school where we are never going to stop learning!
That’s primarily the reason why we said, “School is for Life”.

Empros International School aims to create the same nostalgia and memories in the hearts of your children with its efforts and determination. Empros is surely the school your children will love talking about when they grow up to be successful and flourished. We are sure they will talk about their own times at Empros and feel equally proud and happy!


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