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There  comes a point in every parent’s life where they have no answers to the questions their kids ask. That’s when they realize parenting is not an easy job!

After going through a lot of research and personal interviews, we came to a conclusion that 85 out of 100 parents ignore such question which is not really a sign of good parenting.
It is highly advisable to keep giving boost to the creative thinking of your child during his/her growth stage. Learning to think critically may be one of the most important skills which today's children will need for the future. The questions they ask revolve around things they see or observe, which help them learn faster. For example:
  • Social relationship issues
  • Understanding how things work
  • Physical challenges
  • Technology
  • Entertainment

They often seem insignificant to us but provide great opportunities to them and their practice of critical thinking skills. These questions offer a chance to exercise and build a foundation for critical thinking and are very significant to children.
Here’s how you can help them the next time they come up with such questions. The following examples below may help you get an idea of how the questions can be answered and how children will understand and be convinced.

1. Why do we need money to buy things?
To answer this in a most simple way, we can say: "We need money to by things like car, chocolate or fruits because it does not belong to us. To buy something from someone else we pay them money in return of that particular thing.”

2. Why do we sleep everyday?
For children, everything being new, has a “WHY” backed by it. Here’s how we can answer them: “Our body performs a lot of activities during the day like eating, playing, jumping, having a bath, etc. which gets the body tired. In order to bring back the energy we require, sleeping is necessary. That is why, a sleep of 8 hours is a must everyday!

3. How does the car move?
While they sit beside you in the car, they are very keen on knowing what makes the car move. How does it happen, does it move on it’s own, and a lot more. They sum all these questions up to ask how is it moving forward. To this we say: “The car has a button called accelerator. When we press that, we move ahead. This button is placed at the foot of the driver’s seat.”

4. Mother why am i not there in your marriage photographs?
Rather than ignoring or replying back by saying “Don’t ask such questions” to your kid, make it a point that you answer. You can tell them that “Dear, for a kid to be born, it's compulsory that it should have a mother and a father. So, first we met, got married and then it was time for you to come in the world so that you get the love of both of us. That's why you are not there in the pictures. But see, once you were born, we have more pictures of us only with you than before!"

Empros International School always tells the child why things happen and makes it a point that they are convinced by the answers and have understood things completely. Because we know that our role, as adults, in children’s lives must be to offer guidance for creative problem solving.


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