Defeat the Winter Witch

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As the city braces itself for yet another winter, parents are worried for their children. Cold, flu, infections and lack of outdoor activity are some of the concerns that trouble them. But don’t let the chills affect your child’s experience of this season. Here are some tips that can help your child be ready to face the weather head on and even enjoy it! 
  • The right winterwear – Investing in durable sweaters and socks helps protect your child against the weather and falling sick. 
  • Rule of Footwear – Keep a separate set of shoes/slippers for outside the house from the ones used inside. 
  • Oust outside food – This is a difficult one, but an essential one too. Talk to your child about the dangers of eating street food outside the school campus because food infections thrive during this season. Try and offer them healthy alternatives at home. 
  • Armed with Antiseptic – Keeping a hand sanitizer helps your child stay safe against harmful germs.
  •  Windshield yourself – From head to toe, make sure your children are covered with warm clothes early morning to face the cold weather. 
  • Hot water helps – Hot water baths and washes help your child stay safe from infections and also soothes them. 
  • Say NO to AC – Open windows and aerate the house, instead. 
  • Rule of Sweater – Keep an extra sweater for outside the house from the ones used inside to avoid contact with bacteria and germs once home.
  • Indoor play – If going out to play is not an option, engage your children with educational toys and board games during the peak cold hours of the day. You can even make games out of everyday chores! 
  • Cotton Helps: Stuff small balls of cotton in your child’s ears to help save them from cold.   
Armed with these tips, you can enjoy the cold and defeat the winter witch!
 At Empros International School, we make sure we follow as many precaution steps as we can and keep your child safe from the winter.



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