Memories built with each child at Empros!

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It is said that Life is a series of beginnings and endings and we couldn’t agree more! Every ending gives way to a fresh beginning of happiness and hope. A new hope to be better, a new light to explore more than before and a new ray of happiness for all the good times ahead! Recently we experienced the same thing at Empros International School Talegaon and Chinchwad! After the exams and graduation day, the school had a great start to it’s new academic year 2017-18.

Our last year was educationally amazing to say the least! Looking back on the days we spent with our students makes us nostalgic. To make students understand everything perfectly and practically we had arranged various activities in the last academic year such as:
  • Tree plantation
  • Ganpati making workshop
  • Trip to Vegetable market, Fire station etc.
  • Empros nite
  • Celebration of various festivals and so many more..
It was a great and remarkable year not only for the students but for us, the teachers, as well! We did not know that while teaching these little kids we also would learn so much. In fact, We feel blessed to have such active enthusiasts around us who unknowingly make us feel young and positive!

Our new academic year began on On 11th of April and brought us the opportunity to thank our biggest supporter; our beloved students! All these little intelligent and brainy heads are the reason why we love coming to our school everyday! Their innocent and true self has taught us a lot in all these years and we are proud to have the opportunity to teach them and being called their teachers!

Empros International School (Talegaon and Chinchwad) welcomes all its dear students to a new academic year 2017-18! All of us at Empros are very excited to spend more time with the children and to have a fun, knowledge and activity filled year ahead!

Admissions are open at both our branches!
Only few seats left!

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