Are your kids exposed to books?

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Are your kids exposed to books?

A child’s mind works the best when left unadulterated for their creativity to blossom! Their mind’s acceptance rate, for knowledge or any new thing, is at it’s peak in the early years of development! They learn their mother tongue, the alphabets, talking, numbers, colors and many other things faster than how they would have learned had they been a little older! All of these things come down to one point: Exposure!

Exposure to Reading:
Exposure is a generic term that speaks about upbringing, growth, development and nurturing of children at large! What kids are exposed to in their early years make a great deal of difference in shaping their future! Along with education, activities, sports and creativity, reading is also an important factor in building the blocks of their naive minds! Reading is a movie that takes a person to the world of imagination, showing all the unseen things through one thing: Words!

In case of children, reading begins as an activity during the english lessons in school, wherein they sit down at a desk and repeat a few lines with the teacher. This inculcates the habit of reading, making them “Good Readers” in the future.

“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.” –Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Empros inculcates the habit of reading in children from the very beginning. The plethora of books in the well equipped library provides them the perfect atmosphere to indulge in the habit and fun of reading. The teachers at Empros make sure the kids begin with easy reading and later progress to stories and novels. They assist the children in reading and helping them use the dictionary. This makes sure that a strong vocabulary is built so as to build a command over the language. The activity also helps them gain skills in writing, speaking, memory development etc.

Empros urges all the parents to engage in the activity of reading with their children and help them understand the importance of reading. The supportive atmosphere both at school and at home will make them accept the habit faster. This will also facilitate their future decisions as a well read child always comprehends the situation, thinks from various angles and takes the decision that best suits the purpose!
Let us work on this mission of betterment together!



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