Demonstration Effect

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Are you suffering from Demonstration effect?

“No adult can bear a child’s burden or grow up in his stead” - Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori; an Italian physician and pioneering Educator, has an education approach in her name ‘Montessori Education’. She knew and understood the approach to be taken in the early education given to students.
Let us look at what this “demonstration effect” is!
Demonstration effect is an effect on the behavior of individuals caused by observation of the actions of others and their consequences.

Watch for the symptoms of this effect:
It is very easy to get carried away with this. For instance you would have experienced that just because kids in your vicinity are taking up a certain class/coaching/training, you want your kids to do the same… or atleast just because other kids are doing it, your son or daughter gets lured into it. But, understand that what may work for others may not work for you and your kids.
It may sound strange, children may excel in the academics and any other activity that is being taken up at school, due to peer pressure and competition. But those great performances too, have to be taken with a pinch of salt. At Empros International we do not go just by numbers, but measure many other intangible aspects that can avoid getting your ward into dubious directions.

Take a step back and Introspect:
Your kid may not be able to give it a thought but you certainly can. Ask yourself following few questions :
1. Does it really interest your kid or he/she is just going with the flow?
2. Is it aligned to what your kid wants to become?
3. Check whether is he/she really having fun?
4. Is your kid really able to handle the burden?
5. Are you imposing one of your unfulfilled dreams on him/her ?
If you do not have satisfactory answers to above questions, then it is time you start looking into it closely!!!

Talk to your kid:
‘Talk’ here is referred to dialogue where they open their heart to you. Forthrightly agreed that, being kids, it is difficult as many a times they cannot articulate. And at times it is dangerous to draw conclusion from the hints they give from their behavior. Of Course, teaching staff and counselors at Empros International, try to break ‘such’ ice and provide inputs to parents too on regular intervals. But it is necessary to have this practice at home too.

Talk to us :
We do believe that every kid is cut out for a specific career. At the core of our philosophy & education planning, this principle is built-in. We at regular intervals do assessments from the behavioral patterns and outcomes of many planned exercises & activities. Empros international has its internal assessment system called as Continuous Assessment System(CAP)
Of course without your inputs, our assessment may not be as effective. Lets together make it an effective and efficient journey of kid into the future.

We would like to take a pause here with a question :
When was the last time you had open heart dialogue with your son/daughter ?


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