Rainy Days: Dos and Don’ts

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Monsoon is a lot of fun for kids but for parents - it’s time to be extra careful. As much fun as monsoon is, certain fun activities of your young ones need to be limited because of the rain and the diseases it may bring. To ensure your child is still having fun and is healthy, try these Dos and Don’ts for this monsoon!

(A) Dos
1. Maintain personal hygiene
Make sure that your kid washes his/her hands often. Specifically after coming home from outside and before eating. To maintain the same hygiene outside home, make sure your kid carries a ‘Hand sanitizer’ and uses it during lunch time in school.

2. Use an Umbrella
Let your kid carry an umbrella at all times. Sometimes it may seem like it won’t rain and your child won’t want to carry an umbrella, but then it does rain and your kid is left drenched. And the next thing you know is that your kid has cold. Umbrellas always come in handy. Raincoats are an alternative to umbrellas and will do just fine.

3. Wear proper footwear
Let your child wear open footwear like Crocs. Such footwear ensure that water does not stay
inside of the shoe and make your feet wet and sticky. If a wet shoe is worn for too long it may lead to a further infection.

4. Wash fruits and vegetables
Teach your kid to always wash fruits and vegetables that they intend on eating. Use potable water (water that is safe for drinking) to wash such food items. It ensures that the food item is considerably safe to consume.

5. Avoid certain food items
Avoid including oily and spicy food in your diet during monsoon. Also, consumption of foods like
meat, fish and chicken should be avoided as far as possible. Let your child eat more of cooked
vegetables, fruits and thin soups.

(B) Don’ts
1. Avoid eating outside
Kids often insist on eating outside food. Make sure they don’t, as much as possible. Eating at roadside stalls can be extra unhealthy during monsoon. One never knows if the owner of such stall was careful enough to use safe water and clean fruits and vegetables.

2. Avoid ACs
Avoid entering a room that has an AC if your child is already drenched. This may only be an
invitation to unwanted infections such as cold and fever.

3. Beware of mosquitoes
Monsoons mean breeding period for mosquitoes. To avoid getting bitten by a mosquito, make
sure that there isn’t stagnant water in and around your neighbourhood and don’t forget to use mosquito repellants.

EMPROS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL hopes you and your child follow the given Do’s and Don’ts this monsoon and enjoy a carefree, happy monsoon!


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