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Kids are always apprehensive about the school, atmosphere and the studies. Having played as much as they wanted for the first few years, schools appear as a hurdle! After spending 5 days in school they again get to stay home for the weekend and Monday starts to seem boring to them! They soon start making excuses for not attending the school and the decibel level of those shouts and cries reach new peaks and the mischief attains another altitude.
This is a common affair for almost all the parents and they generally forcefully send them to school! But, seldom do they successfully convince them about the perks of going to school like:
  • Funny Friends
  • Artistic Activities
  • Picturesque Playground
  • Talented Teachers and
  • Super fun in studies

So, why don’t they cry later?
The bond with friends, rapport with the teachers and the activities of school interest them day after day and realising these facts make them start liking the school more and more.
In fact, the atmosphere of School plays an important role which decides the time period between the kids’ feeling of disliking and then liking! Though, it also depends on how the kid responds and how well the family supports!

What happens at Empros?
At Empros, there are constant efforts to minimize this impact time and make students want to come to school on Mondays after their fun weekends! We believe that our real test is not on Monday but on Friday! The schedule on Friday decides the engagement level of kids and hence, brings them to school on their own will!
Empros CBSE School, along with the studies and CBSE syllabus, makes sure the kids stay engaged with the school activities, innovative projects and fun proceedings every day, making them fall in love with School!

Is your kid also in love with his/her School?


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