EMPROS International School provides its students with DIGITAL CLASSROOM

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Education is one of the most essential ingredients in a child’s life. But the fact is the environment and the methodology that is used to educate the child is also imperative.
EMPROS has a unique approach when it comes to education. At our school not only ONE but all classrooms are Digital. This allows every child to learn in a unique and a faster manner. 
Now you must be thinking why Digital Classrooms and not the traditional ones! So let’s look at the advantages of Digital Classroom over the traditional ones.

Digital Classrooms
Traditional Classrooms
·        Learning becomes more interesting as a child gets more attracted to colours and modules or symbols that are used to educate them
·        Blackboard or white board learning is not that interesting.
·        Allows the students to learn in a interactive and creative manner
·        Learning in Traditional classrooms is not creative and this is the reason why students often don’t prefer to go to school
·        Paperless Work which is much more exciting
·        Teaching is done on blackboards and also involves a lot of paper work.
·        Digital classrooms allow students more freedom to create, experiment, explore in the class. This freedom helps to improve the performance of the student.
·        The classes are more teacher driven and teacher centric.
·        Digital learning gives the opportunity to your child to enhance their thought process.
·        Due to blackboard or white board teaching the students are just bounded with the books and notebooks.
·        Classes are stimulating and student participation is great is these classes.
·        These classes are dull and there is no practical learning involved.
·        If any child faces any problem in understanding a particular topic then modules can be used to explain them in a better way.
·        It’s difficult to address the needs and problems of each and every student; this could be due to lack of resources.
·        Evaluation can be done online and the student can know there grades at the same time.
·        At the time of evaluation written test are taken, and that involves a lot of time to publish the results.


Now, when we know the difference between the two classrooms then we should also know that digital classrooms work basically through Internet. Internet has become a part of everyone’s life now days and with the help of Digital classrooms a child can learn about computers, networks, servers and routers. He can learn fast about what is Internet, how to use internet and how can it be helpful for them. This will provide a child with various benefits which he/she can lack in Traditional Classrooms.

At the end we would like to conclude that EMPROS is doing its way best to provide your child to have the best education and knowledge when they step out of there school life and as EPROS is ranked under top 10 schools by PCMC the responsibility of your child’s career and future is increased. Because we want that you and your child should be proud of your decision that you choose EMPROS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL for your child.


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