LEGO ROOM at EMPROS, one of its most impressive features.

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Have you ever wondered why we choose one school over the other? Is it because the school that you choose had better infrastructure or because your relatives children go to that school or is it the pattern of education that differs and makes that school the most preferable one?
We always choose the best school for our children and always wish that they get everything which we couldn’t get when we were of their age. EMPROS doesn’t just focus on theoretical studies, but they focus on how a child should be taught so that his/her creativity is also not lost. EMPROS has gone there way out to give your child that best education that you or anyone else desires.

One such thing at EMPROS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a LEGO room. These have recently become the latest trend of creative play, particularly as their unlimited constructive potential has become an educational tool which is done basically for initializing creativity and problem-solving skills in a child. Let’s see why LEGO rooms are the best for your child.

1. Lego provides tools that develop lateral thinking in a fun environment
2. It enhances the thought process of a child
3. It improves reading/writing skills, as kids work with instructions
4. It develops problem-solving, organization, and planning by construction
5. It improves creativity
6. It enhances communication and critical thinking
7. It boosts kid’s motor development.

Now it’s up to your decision that you just want to educate your child with just those books or you want them to be creative and intelligent so that they know there aims and goals well. With all the other facilities and cbse curriculum, today EMPROS is one of the top international schools in pcmc. It is providing you the parents all those facilities for your child that were someday your dreams.

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