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A child from a very young age begins to garner knowledge from whatever he/she can grasp from the environment. By environment we mean, the up-bringing, the people around, culture and a lot more factors. With all this knowledge they actually start making sense of the world around them through different experiences and observations. This all counts as a learning experience for the little ones.

Keeping all these facts in mind, EMPROS International School conducted a 3-day event in different societies of Pune, where they had organized fun activities comprising of old school games, for parents and kids.

Now you must be wondering what this game was? It was a “Snakes and ladder”.
Let us prepare a mental picture for you:
1.     So we choose this one bright sunny day.
2.     Lay the snack n ladder game on the ground.
3.     Nice cushioned dice ready to roll.
4.     The teams being divided into 4 houses: Agni, Vayu, Jal and Prithvi.
5.     In the end, with the sense of some delicious chocolates and some giveaway’s the activity eventually commenced.

EMPROS had chosen snakes and ladders because it is believed that playing this game enhances the mathematical skills of children. For Example, if a child is on square 9 and receives a dice roll of 5 then he/she will move forward by 5 spaces and reach at 14, then parents’ guide their children that 9+5 is 14.

EMPROS believes that playing provides the most natural and meaningful process by which children can construct knowledge, practice skills and implement them, that is the reason why they have come up with various teaching methodologies which makes learning more fun. Give your children the best education by enrolling them in EMPROS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

Admission now opens. Visit asmempros.org

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