Secrets of Highly Happy Children

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In today’s world we, the parents are so busy tackling our problems related to work that we fail to notice the silent suffering of our children, don’t we?

Have you ever wondered why a lot of symptoms like obesity, depression, anxiety, frightfulness, anger etc. are commonly noticed in kids today? All these symptoms surface when one is not happy.

Are our kids really Happy? What are the secrets to keep them Happy?

They are happy when...

1. They eat on time: Children have ever-growing brains and bodies so they need to refuel it at regular intervals. It keeps their hunger under control. When kids feel calm and satisfied they experience greater happiness.

2. They get consistent sleep: Children are very happy when they are well rested. We need to teach them to sleep on time.

3. They get to play without any instructions: Today everyone is into planning and scheduling; so much so that even our children’s day is over-scheduled. There is no time left for unstructured playing that used to happen in earlier years. Let the kids make their own fun.

4. They are allowed to express emotions: We as adults know how to vent out our emotions by calling a friend or chatting with our besties but children; they are more primitive and are not equipped with this kind of knowledge. They will vent out their emotions by stomping their feet and run around in circles when they’re not sure what to feel. Its sometimes better if we let them express their feelings their way.

5. They get to make choices: Who doesn’t love to make their own choices? Kids are always told what to do and what not to, be it at school, home or anywhere else. We should sometimes let them choose what to wear, let them choose the menu once a week. Having a little control on their own life will make them happier than ever.

6. They feel heard: We all know that we should first understand others before we seek to be understood. So when it comes to kids let’s give some slack, listen to what they say. They will feel more connected to us when they know we are interested to listen to everything they have to say right from Chota bheem episodes to what happened at their school. It helps in building great bond between us and our children and it makes them happy.

7. They experience unconditional love: It’s human to err and divine to forgive. We all know that, but when it comes to our kids we tend to become control freaks. Children are naive to know the consequences of their actions. It’s better for us to love them anyway and forgive them. This helps them to learn that people sometimes make mistakes but there is always a chance to make things right. When children know that their parents love them no matter what, they feel secure and happy.

Comment if you have any more secrets to share with us.

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