Origami, The Japanese Art

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Let us introduce you to a new art form right from the land of the rising sun, Japan. This art form involves folding of a paper into decorative shapes and figures. In Japanese language ORI means to fold and GAMI means paper. This art form has been handed over to children from their parents since a very long time in Japan.

A lot of interesting models can be learnt and made using Origami. 

Models like –
Blue whale
Flowers and many more.

Today through this video you will learn how to make an “Origami Cat”. All you need is a square craft paper and an open mind. 

We at EMPROS believe in holistic development of a child that does not limit to only academics. We have many different interesting activities for kids that adds the fun element to their learning experience. 

If you like this art form, then do try it yourself and share pictures of your Origami Cats with us.

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