Why Should Kids Learn Arts?

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The “Earth” without “Art” is just “eh”

Today you will learn how to make a “Jelly Fish”. Watch this video and then read further to know why Arts play an important role in a child’s development?

This is an undeniable fact that every parent wants to see their child as a smart kid. That is why nowadays every parent wants their child to study in the best CBSE School or International School available.  You will agree that we all want a holistic development of our child yet we only concentrate on the STEM- Science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We all almost forget about Arts. EMPROS School is one of the best CBSE schools in PCMC, Maharashtra, India because along with STEM it also concentrates on Arts. Why Arts?  Let’s go through the following set of skills that kids learn through Arts.

1. Focus- Did you know that focus is an ability that we learn when we do any work as a whole or totality or ensemble. To maintain a balance between what we listen and what we contribute requires a great amount of concentration. Each participant needs to think about the bigger picture he/she is contributing to and not just about their role. Research says that participating in Arts develops children’s abilities to focus and concentrate in other aspects of their lives as well.

2. Creativity- In Arts class children will be asked to perform a lot of tasks that will involve thinking such as drawing a memory from the past, reciting same monologue in five different ways or to compose a new rhythm to enhance a piece of music. If children have practice to think creatively, it will come naturally to them now and in future in their career.

3. Perseverance- When children will try their first hand at any art be it drawing or music they will not get it right the very first time. But as they practice they start to learn the skills and techniques and then they refrain to give up. In today’s world of high competition perseverance is essential to become successful.

4. Dedication- When children practice their newly learnt skills over and over again and when their artistic endeavors result in a final finished product they learn to associate dedication with a feeling of accomplishment.

5. Accountability- Children usually get used to this idea that their actions affect other people when children practice creating something collaboratively. Through arts children learn how important it is to admit that you made a mistake and to take responsibility for it. In arts mistakes are a regular part of their learning process so they begin to see that mistakes happen, we need to acknowledge them, learn from them and then move on.

This is why EMPROS International School doesn’t emphasis only on academics but also on Arts and encourages parents to motivate their kids to participate in more and more arts related activities. You will find plenty International Schools in Pune and PCMC but you need to choose the best one.

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