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This blog emphasizes on the most recent activities conducted at EMPROS in the last month.

OUR MOTTO: Education is like a fresh breath of air. It makes you capable of reasoning and questioning. Empros gives your child the freedom to express through various creative activities which helps them in unlocking their inner potential and grow holistically.

Activity 1: Learning in the fields (Games & sports)
Life’s best lessons are taught outdoors. It is here, where qualities like discipline cooperation, sportsmanship and leadership are instilled that helps the child bloom not only physically but mentally too.
Yoga, games, sports, swimming and now self-defence are an integral part of Empros education

Activity 2: Fun activities
Albert Einstein rightly quoted- “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.”
Empros waters the seeds of your child's imagination and lets you go wild with colours on/and canvas.
It can be best witnessed in activities like Origami, Paper quilling, best out of waste, Art and Craft.
‘Theatre and public speaking’ are very popular among the toddlers, thereby helping in eliminating stage fright and grow as confident students.

Activity 3: Father’s Day
Nothing is sweeter than the bonds we share with our parents.
Recently Father‘s day was celebrated at the school campus where children made cards for their father to display their affection for them.

Activity 4: Lego
Besides academics and creativity Empros also lays vital emphasis on 'Critical thinking and analysis' and brings out such skills in the most fun way possible, through Lego!

Empros provides a very jovial atmosphere for learning. We realise the uniqueness of every student and hence offer the child the freedom to adopt his/her own way of learning, which would lead to all-round development.
We can proudly stand up and say that we’re building responsible citizens and the future of the country is in safe hands.


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